betty and stanley
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Betty Warner Sheinbaum - Betty is the daughter of Warner Bros. Co Founder Harry Warner, is an artist and philanthropist.  With her husband, Stanley Sheinbaum, who many regard the "Godfather" of West side progressives, Betty hosts dozens of political events a year at their home, where national, international, and local political activists announce their new initiatives and projects.  The Activist Video Archive was launched in their living room in May of 2010.  A web site of Betty's art can be seen at

Stanley Sheinbaum - Economist, philanthropist, statesman, Stanley Sheinbaum has been one of the most influential political strategists in the United States in the 20th Century.   He became fully engaged in opposing the War in Vietnam when he became the key fundraiser for Daniel Ellsberg's Pentagon Papers Case.  He was head of ACLU Foundation of Southern California from 1973 to 1982.  In 1988, he convinced Yasser Arafat to recognize Israel and renounce terrorism.  Israeli and Palestinian intransigence derailed the process and Yitzak Rabin's death buried the initiatives that Stanley and other American Jews had championed.  Journalist Robert Scheer produced a documentary about Stanley, directed by Patty Sharaf which can be ordered from

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